Hatched in 2017, the Versus project is a response to the global environmental issues and an open door to compassion and action. 

Time is not to the one way "Man relationship to Nature" anymore,

but the opposite.

I've decided to use my brushes as pacifist weapons

against the destructive and guilty human madness.

This new body of work means to be brought on different fields,

in order to help funding the biodiversity preservation. 

Delphyne V., art, artist, painting, acrylic painting, paris, surrealism, lowbrow, pop surrealism, contemporary, modern, gallery, environment, biodiversity, conservancy, protection, activist, earth, planet, elements, sacred, alchemy, universe, animal, dinausor
"Deceived" - 2017
Acrylic on wood panel - 6x8  -  2019 Delphyne V. Fine Art  -  All rights reserved 

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